Two Camps. One Tradition.

Camp Thunderbird for Boys and Camp Thunderbird for Girls are located in the Minnesota Northwoods on beautiful Lake Plantagenet. The two sleep-away camps are a few miles apart and operate independently with a spirit of cooperation.

"So, Are You Co-Ed?"

The answer is no; we believe strongly in the benefits of a single-gender camp environment. Our camp for boys and our camp for girls have completely separate facilities and each employs its own staff. We have a co-ed event once a session as well as opportunities for siblings and cousins to visit each other at opposite camps.

A Shared Tradition

What makes Thunderbird unique is our shared experience for both boys and girls in the context of single-gender camp environments. Many of our camp families have both sons and daughters at Thunderbird. Because the programs at each camp are so similar, siblings are able to have shared experiences and a shared camp spirit, while still getting the benefits of an all-girls or all-boys summer camp environment.

Familiy Camp: Family fun, Thunderbird-Style!