Camp Thunderbird Summer Camp ProgramCamp Thunderbird Summer Camp Program

Activities: Choose your own everyday!

Each day, campers choose three or four activities for the following day. Counselors are there for guidance, but each camper decides his or her own schedule. There are over 30 activities to choose from, every day. A few times each week, we have an optional “bonus period” that takes place during cabin time. On these days, you can choose to hang out in your cabin or attend one of your favorite activities. Thunderbird offers many great options each day.

Choice & Structure

Thunderbird Camp Programs

We believe that camp is a great place to learn independence and decision-making, so we put kids in charge of their own daily schedule. Counselors provide guidance and encouragement, but campers have the most say in what their summer looks like. This balance of structure and choice makes Thunderbird unique. Skills and interests developed at Thunderbird often last a lifetime.


While the opportunities to try new activities are endless, campers also pick four activities to specialize in while they're at camp. We call these activities "projects" and campers attend their projects a few times a week. This provides an opportunity to work toward long-term goals and get consistent practice in an activity area.

A Typical Day

8:00am Wake Up – Wake up with the morning bell, music and cabin conversation.
8:30am Breakfast – Choices include hot entrees, cold cereal, oatmeal or cream of wheat.
9:00-10:00am Cabin Clean-up – Your cabinmates and counselors work together to get the job done!
10:00-10:55am First Activity Period – There are so many choices at every activity period!
11:05-12:00pm Second Activity Period – You can work on your own or together with campers from a mix of cabin groups.
12:30pm Lunch – Chow down, share stories from the morning and get excited to sign up for tomorrow's activities because you can change your activities each day!
1:30-3:00pm Cabin Time or Bonus Activity Period – Depending on the day, there's time to chill out or time for a bonus activity!
3:00-3:55pm Third Activity Period – You work on one of your "Project Activities." You're moving up in levels and making progress.
4:05-5:00pm Fourth Activity Period – Last but not least! Every activity period is fun.
5:00-6:00pm Free Time – Time to hang out, play a game, take a shower or relax.
6:00pm Dinner – Dinner features kid-friendly meals like tacos, mac 'n cheese or hamburgers.
7:00 - 7:45pm Free Time – More free time to relax and explore. The waterfront, Arts & Crafts or other camp favorites are often open after dinner.
7:45-9:00pm Evening Program – Evening Program brings each village together for fun and games. A few nights a week the whole camp comes together for all-camp evening activity!
9:30-10:00pm Bedtime – Bedtime brings welcome rest and thoughts about the exciting things you will do tomorrow!