Welcome to Camp Thunderbird, a place to call home.

Boys at Thunderbird Boys Camp

Thunderbird is a place where you can be yourself and expect your summer to be full of excitement and adventure. Your days are filled with amazing activities like rock climbing and mountain biking, soccer and basketball, arts and crafts and blacksmithing. At our waterfront, you can fish while sailboats, paddle boards, canoes, and water skiers enjoy our secluded bay. Every day you have the opportunity to plan you own schedule by choosing from over 30 activities. But there's always time at Thunderbird during the day to laugh, play and get dirty or just relax and listen to music with friends and cabin mates.

At T-bird, we play sports daily and frequently compete with other camps but in a way that emphasizes good sportsmanship and teamwork. Whether we're in a match, fine-tuning our skills or scrimmaging, playing hard and working together as a team is winning.

Thunderbird Boys Camp Fun

Life long friendships are forged during free time at T-bird. You can hang out on the beach, play water basketball or simply spend time in your village after dinner playing gaga, cards or just sitting among friends. You'll discover that boys who live a state or an ocean away share remarkable similarities and become as close as brothers. Sound like a great place to you? T-bird boys think so and that's why they call Thunderbird their second home.