From Strong Young Girls to Proud Women

Thunderbird is a place where you can truly be yourself. At home or at school, it's normal to worry about things like being accepted, being "cool" enough, having the right clothes or the right friends. Thunderbird is the perfect place to take a break from those worries. It's where girls support and accept one another. At T-bird, we encourage you to get dirty, be silly, go on adventures and let the real "you” show. T-bird girls leave behind blow dryers, makeup, designer clothes, gossip and cliques. We celebrate each other for trying new things, showing kindness, accomplishing what we put our minds to, and being ourselves.

Girls at Thunderbird Girls Camp

Our unique camp spirit and sense of camaraderie is contagious. Cabin songs, Thunderbird songs and village cheers chanted back and forth by each age group cause campers and staff alike to jump up and participate so enthusiastically that they can be heard as far away as Boys Camp. Shared all-camp activities are about having fun and celebrating our camp spirit. At meal times, campers and staff write announcements to be read in the Lodge that celebrate personal achievements like standing up on water skis or memorizing all of the lines for a camp drama performance. How would you feel if 200 girls were cheering for you after you reached a personal goal? Come to Thunderbird and find out!

Thunderbird Girls Camp Fun

Individuality and friendship are forged during more personal times at T-bird. Boxes, duct-tape, markers, glue, pom-poms and glitter become entire casts of characters in the hands of a third-grade group during free time. Hanging around the village after dinner weaving friendship bracelets, playing games or just sitting among friends, campers chat and discover that girls who live a state or an ocean away can share amazing similarities. At the waterfront, girls invent games using water noodles, paddleboards and never-before-seen swim strokes that bring on laughter and cheers. All of this waits for you at Thunderbird. Sound like a great place to you? Thunderbird girls think so and call T-bird their home away from home.